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  1. go (or get) on the scoot

    • ph.
      go on a heavy drinking session
  2. 知識+

    • has got it going on 是什麼意思?

      has got it going on = ㄧㄍ非常友好而且身材很棒ㄉ辣妹 我看到這句話馬上就想到一句歌詞.."...

    • 有關going on 的翻譯問題

      她曾經獲得很多的事情。She has got so much going on. going on 指正在發生什麼事 如 What is going on...

    • go on / went on, had / got

      ...都是發生過的。都要用過去式為主。 一. we discussed ... and then we went on to... 是在敘述已經發生的事情。 如果使用現在式,在英文裡頭不通。(現在式...