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  1. get hitched

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    • 什麼是hitched to ?

      ...免費搭車吧。 5.【俚】使結婚[H]  They are going to get hitched soon.  他們準備不久就結婚。 hitch –verb (used with object) (註3) 1...

    • 請問tie the knot的由來?

      We're getting hitched. 我們要結婚了。 I've decide to quit the bachelors' club. 我決定...

    • 請提供相關愛情及結婚的英文單字

      一、愛情 affection愛情 devotion摯愛 二、結婚 conjoin espouse get hitched with get married hook up with 2010-06-24 23:15:40 補充: 一、愛...