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  1. get hooked on sth.

    • ph.
      【俚】迷上(某事物); 完全陷於(某事物)之中
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    • 1. 【俚】迷上(某事物); 完全陷於(某事物)之中 get hooked on heroin, gambling, television 吸海洛因/賭博/看電視上了癮
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    • 英文片語~~幫忙翻譯@@感謝

      ...take a break /休息.偷閒 2. hand sth in /提出.繳交某件東西 3. to get along with somebody /單獨和某人在一起 4. be know for /無數 5. on my own/靠我自己 6. out...12 18:27:01 補充: the hook/脫身.逃脫.擺脫險境

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      ... were getting more confused. (瞭解... of us will live on the land. (人數可數數量的... buy VCRs or hook up to cable-TV ...後面要多加up呢? to give Sth up to Sb 是個慣用語...