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  1. get in bad with sb.

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      【美】【口】不被賞識; 失寵
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    • 1. 【美】【口】不被賞識; 失寵 If you get in bad with the boss, you'll have problems. 要是上司不喜歡你, 你就該有麻煩了。
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    • 英文造句(12句)(急!!20點)

      ... difficult for me to get behind in learning any school subject. 5. (to share sth with sb) She was happy to... would only make things worse in my experience. 7. (take sth...

    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...mind下定決心 run across/into sb(sth)不期而遇 run away逃跑...留意 keep house做家事 keep/bear in mind記住 keep on繼續 keep one...up維持再同一水平 keep up with趕上 hold off延遲 hold on抓牢...contrary相反地 however然而 what's worse更糟的是 as if好像...

    • 請問有沒有人知道有關take(接送)的片語 take up with sb. 與 sb. 親近交往 take a load...能力完成某件工作 take in hand 受..管理;受..支配...得到報復 take something up with 商量 take to 喜歡;耽於...吸收 be taken bad 生病;病重 be ...感興趣;懷有..的印象 get taken 受騙;被...