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  1. get into bad habits

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    • 英文高手來解答

      ...hold on你挺住 也可說wait但是涵義有點不同 get into:: How did you get into bad habits?染上 I really get into that music.喜歡上 I can't get into that...

    • 幫我檢查英文文法!

      ... this study, it which is about common human bad habits in common. 在你進入美國前,請裝滿這特別罐子... fill up this special can before you get into America. Please fill up this special...

    • 如何使用once??

      ... enough.一次就夠了。 conj. ( 連接詞) 1. 一旦,一經...便 Once you get into a bad habit, you'll find it hard to get out of it. 一旦染上壞習慣,想改掉就難了。