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    get into the swing of one's work

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    • 英文很利害的請進(翻譯zoo job英文故事)

      One day an out of work man is visiting the zoo and wants to earn some...keeper grabs him into his office. 在他正開始...up as the gorilla until they can get another one. 所以管理員提供那...

    • 急~~英文作文 : proud moment

      ... just to focus and work with my baseball team to get a gold medal and have that glorious moment by the end of the day. "Beep...The first one who swings the bat was one of...

    • 關於美容療程的簡介(翻英)

      ...補充: the outside and have for the skin the mind and body work properly of beautiful, shine on different constitution to use green stone mire, Dead Sea black mire The LULUR, etc. is all and deeply various to...