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    • 月考要用的翻譯~幫忙翻一下3Q

      ...more likely to work outside the home,and workdays for both parents got longer. 他表示在六0年代當社會大眾偏向於以工作為重心, 母親比較常在家以外工作...

    • long end of the stick 如何翻譯?

      taking the long end of the stick. 有兩個說法, 1. I got the long end of the stick. 我佔了便宜, 我賺到了. 2.我運氣好,(抽籤抽贏了) 反義為: I got the short end of the stick.

    • We will not grow old 的完整歌詞, the one to tell me 而你將會是我的唯一  Oh, we've got a long, long way to go 噢,我們還有很長很遠的路要走  To get there 在到達...