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    • we are ....這句話的意思????

      we are getting loosing(我們正在損失當中) even dropping below the costs(價格甚至低到比這些本錢低) 不過不能這樣翻 要這樣翻才對 (現在就算把價格降到甚至比成本低我們的業績還是嚴重的下滑)

    • 急急急 狄克森片語12~16 20點@@

      ...with 報復.報仇 get in touch with 與...聯絡 get into the habit of 養成...的習慣 get loose 脫出.逃脫 get lost 迷路.迷失 get mixed up 混亂.混淆 get off 下車 get...

    • 徵求英文達人《幫我翻譯一篇故事》我急用!!20點唷

      ...go to the country fair to sell, because the rope which ties the basket is getting loose but during the process of transporting, the tangerine every one one has...