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    get married

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    • 為什麼用getting married?

      ...過去分詞(pp), 作"結婚了的"解. 因為是形容詞, 所以只能用pp, 不能用 getting marry, 因為marry是動詞.同樣的句型還有- He is getting promoted...

    • 請幫我用 get married造句

      簡單 I want to get married someday 我想有一天結婚 I want to get married...你(妳)的婚禮 What will happen when I Get Married? 如果我結婚的話會發生什麼事? Can I...

    • got+pp的用法

      His daughter just got married for the third time. 這個句子是簡單過去式。 這... have been married two years. get動詞是動態的,表示某事發生。但be動詞是靜態的,只是...