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  1. get mixed up in sth.

    • ph.
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    • preposition---填空 enjoying the United States more. 6. It`s easy to get mixed up when you`re in a foreign country.

    • 又來了!!問英文慣用片語

      ...水之外的魚 4.few and far between→極少 5. fly in the ointment →美中不足 6.get on one's high horse→高傲自大 7. grab a bite...→ 崩潰 9.get by →透過 10.get mixed up→ 被混淆 11.get out of bed on the wrong side...

    • 英文達人~I love the times when....

      ...可以怎樣怎樣嗎? only if I have achieved higher grades in college examinations (2) Sometimes I get mixed up between French and English, because both of these two different ...