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  1. get off

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 下車 you need to get off at the next stop 你要在下一站下車 to tell sb. where he/she can get off or where to get off 叫某人別管閒事
    • 2. 下來 get off of that wall! 快從那牆上下來!
    • 3. 出發 I aim to get off by seven o'clock 我打算7點前出發 to get off to a good/poor start 有良好的/糟糕的開端
    • 4. 下班 can you get off tomorrow? 你明天能不上班嗎?
    • 5. 免受處罰; 免受罪 to get off with a reprimand 只是受到一番訓斥就沒事了 he got off with just a scratch to his arm 他只是手臂上擦破了一點皮
    • 6. 入睡 to get off to sleep 入睡
    • 7. 放開 get off! 別碰!


    • 1. 從…上下來 the cat got off my lap 貓從我腿上跳了下去
    • 2. 下車
    • 3. 離開 get off the floor! 從地板上起來! get off my foot! 別踩我的腳!
    • 4. 避開; 偏離 we've rather got off religion 我們還是避開了宗教這個話題
    • 5. 逐漸解除
    • 6. 放開 get off me! 別碰我!
    • 7. 脫下; 取下 she can't get the ring off her finger 她摘不掉手指上的戒指
    • 8. 除掉 to get the mud/dirt off 除掉泥斑/灰塵 to get the stain off the carpet 除掉地毯上的污漬
    • 9. 使下來 he got the bottle off the top shelf 他把瓶子從頂層擱板上拿了下來
    • 10. 移開 get your hands off! 別碰! get your hands off my girl/husband! 不許碰我的女友/丈夫!
    • 11. 休息 to get a day/week off 休假一天/一週 to get an hour off work 工作時歇一小時
    • 12. 寄出; 打發走 to get sb. off to work/school 打發某人上班/上學
    • 13. 使入睡 to get a child off to sleep 讓孩子入睡
    • 14. 使免受處罰 to get sb. off with a fine 對某人罰款之後就了事
    • 15. 使某人戒除 to get sb. off sth. 使某人戒掉