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    get off the mark

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    • 一段Kick Ass漫畫裡的英文

      ...take your parents getting shot ....or cosmic rays or a power ring ..... Just the perfect combination of loneliness and... realized how far off the "mark" comic books had...

    • 有關expectation的單複數用法? The arrow fell short of the mark. =箭未射及靶。 The result fell short of our ...複數比較合理。 In the race, Ali got off to a great start. 幫我翻譯一下這句 got...

    • 求題目詳解

      ...他在45歲就戒掉這兩項嗜好了。 9.We got lost in the woods. ___, we had neither food nor equipment...) outside the box (B) in time (C) off the mark (D) along the way think outside the box : 跳出...