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  1. getting on for

    • ph.
      approaching (a specified time, age, or amount); almost
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    • "保持平常心",英文要如何說?

      ...過去了 Keep a normal mind persisting on for a while, and you'll get through. Carry on for a while with a normal mind, you'll make it. 2010-06-06 12:28:26 補充: 抱歉...

    • 【急】請問英語get on的用法?

      ...片語 à動詞+介係詞+名詞/代名詞常見的有:wait for等待、pay for付錢、 ask for要求、 get on上車 、get off下車 、get to到達、come from來自、 look at看著、look for尋找、look...

    • 英文句子...俗語翻譯 this book for love. 他免費得到那本書。 4.during the war you could't get on apartment in this city for love. 在戰時﹐在城市內無法得到一個免費的公寓。(這句我不確定是否正確)