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  1. get on to

    • vt.
      乘上;爬上; 騎上
    • 釋義


    • 1. 乘上
    • 2. 爬上; 騎上
    • 3. 開始談論
    • 4. 覺察 the police got on to him at once 警察立刻識破了他
    • 5. 與…聯繫 to get on to the authorities/gas company 和官方/煤氣公司取得聯繫
    • 6. 入選
    • 7. 使開始討論 don't get him on to morality! 別讓他談論道德!
    • 8. 使入選 he got her on to the committee 他讓她進入了委員會
    • 9. 使登上
    • 10. 使乘坐上/把…放上 he got his luggage on to the bus 他把行李搬上巴士
    • 11. 派…去處理 I'll get some more people on to this job 我會增派一些人去做這項工作 I'll get my big brother on to you! 我會讓我大哥去收拾你的!
  2. 知識+

    • 請問英文片語get on 的用法以及它的英文翻譯?

      ...一切進行得很順利。 2.出人頭地 He's sure to get on in the world. 他一定會出人頭地。 3.登(車);(上...the IOBs along the top and bottom edges can get on to the low skew routing resources directly...

    • bet on it英文歌詞翻譯~

      ... yourself to get what you want Did you ever? Get on a ride and wanna get, bet on it Bet on me I wanna...right, that is the way To turn my life around...

    • on board怎用? ((20點))

      ...quot;Get on board" can also means joining a team, or getting on to a job. For example, "I am eager to get on board and contribute...