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  1. get on to sb.

    • ph.
      (打電話或通信)與某人聯繫;意識到某人的存在或活動; 偵查或追蹤某人
    • 釋義


    • 1. (打電話或通信)與某人聯繫 If you wish to lodge a complaint you'd better get on to the manager. 你有什麼不滿最好找經理提。
    • 2. 意識到某人的存在或活動; 偵查或追蹤某人 He had been stealing money from the company for years before the police got on to him. 警方追查到他時, 他偷公司的錢已有多年了。
    • 3. 開始討論(新課題) It's time we got on to the question of costs. 我們該討論費用問題了。