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  1. get on top of

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    • (翻譯)這段英文的通順意義?

      "They try to play a very physical game and get on top of you early doors." That comes...出處. get on top of.例句: I have so much work to do. I must...

    • know it all課本題目解答

      ...可能造成海嘯。 6. How did fossils of ocean animals get on top of mountains? A: Sometimes, the fossils of ocean ...

    • 有關建築的問卷調查英文問題?

      ...過還要回答嗎) The elevator of Taipei 101 is the... only about 1 minute to get up to the top (observation deck). 台北101的電梯是... did you get to the top-on an elevator or by stairs...