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  1. get one's end in

    • ph.
      have sexual intercourse
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    • 又來了!!問英文慣用片語

      1.dead end →死路 2. easy does it →別著急 out of water →在水之外的魚 4.few and far between→極少 5. fly in the ointment →美中不足 6.get on one's high horse→高傲自大 7. grab a bite →抓住咬 8. go(all) to pieces...

    • 麻煩請聽力很強的高手進來聽這個小演講~急20

      ...where they are going. In the end, they happened to be in Canada. [1:16~1:28] 基本上是說 ... at local colleges, but she got almost no reply. However, one professor...

    • 翻譯英文歌詞20點喔

      ...feign a laugh 是啊!我們都曾強顏歡笑 we all cry in the dark 我們都曾在暗夜裡啜泣 get cut off before we start 還沒有示愛 就已受害 and...知道他們都在等待 for a fall, for a flaw, for the end 等待你摔一交、露出破綻、最後完結 and there...