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  1. get out

    • ph.
      (of something previously secret) become known;leave a place of confinement; escape
    • 釋義


    • 1. (of something previously secret) become known
    • 2. leave a place of confinement; escape
    • 3. go away; leave
    • 4. used to express disbelief
    • 5. succeed in uttering, publishing, or releasing something
    • 6. succeed in solving or finishing a puzzle or mathematical problem
  2. 知識+

    • get out 念法?

      ...和懶化這兩個現象所造成的。 1) 連音現象 在英式和美式英語都存在,所以 get out 被連成 getout 一個音。 2) 懶化現象 美式英語是重度懶化的英式英語,就...

    • get out your own checkbook

      Get out your own checkbook it means that you don't need spend lots...something because they dont have enough mony for that. So some time you can hear that get out your fuucckking checkbook..... 2007-10-05 10:51:42 補充: soory, I ...

    • got out 文法解釋

      it 's time that S + Ved =it's time that S+should +原形動詞 =it's time for 人+ to +原型動詞 1.當我們說"某人過去該做某事的時候"表示尚未去做 因此用"與現在事實相反的假設" 2.time 之前可加上high 而其後子句之動詞應用過去式 3.that是固定用法