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  1. get out of


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    • 1. 逃避 I couldn't get out of going to that wedding. 我不能逃避出席婚禮。
    • 2. 棄絕 He got out of the bad habit. 他改掉了這個壞習慣。
    • 3. 使說出 The police got the truth out of him. 警察迫使他說出真相。
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    • 對於Get out of here.有2個疑問?

      Get out of here可以有下列意思: 表負面: 滾開,有不悅的口氣. Get out of here!! 平常的表示: 我們走吧(離開此處) Let's get out of here. 口語表驚訝: 有 "別開玩笑了", "是真的?" "妳在騙人...

    • out of 用法與文法

      ...都是普通「介係詞」片語。 2. I'll get you out of here. out of here 是介係詞片語,做形容詞當受詞...2011-07-04 06:34:29 補充: 2. I'll get you out of here. 如果 get you out of 是及物動詞片語,那應該...

    • 下床的時候下錯邊典故??

      下床的時候下錯邊典故?? get out of the wrong side of bed 麻煩拜託...解說 我大略的幫版主翻成中文) GET UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED - "...