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    get out of hand

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    • 請英文高手進來 改錯題

      ...of scholarships and other rewards for good athletes have gotten out of hand. 錯誤:在believe後接的子句,主詞是problem (什麼和麼的問題)為單數,have須改為...

    • 英翻中:課文(15點) 謝謝

      ...communicate with others and to make friends on-line, and soon things get out of hand.人們發現使用網際網路與其它人進行訊息交流並且在線上交朋友較容易些,並且...

    • 評一下英文

      ... by the ball (i would just say, suddenly, before i realised, the ball got out of my hands and smashed the noble vase into pieces). I was ...