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  1. get over

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    • 1. 克服 She can't get over her shyness. 她無法克服她的羞怯心理。 New things always have difficulties to get over as they grow. 新生事物在它們發展的過程中總是有許多困難要克服。
    • 2. 恢復常態(如病後、受驚之後、結束與某人的某種關係後等) He'll get over the shock. 他會從驚恐中恢復過來的。 He had a bad cold but he has got over it. 他曾患了一次重感冒, 但現在已經痊癒了。
    • 3. 把...忘懷 I was still getting over Peter when I met and fell in love with Harry. 我與彼得情思未斷之際, 卻遇上了哈里又生戀情。
    • 4. 熬過 I'm glad to get my operation over. 熬到了手術結束, 我很高興。
    • 5. 設法溝通; 完成 A person may have a thorough knowledge of his subject and yet be unable to get it over to an audience. 一個人也許對他所研究的課題有淵博的知識, 但卻不能表達出來為聽眾所了解。 All the horses got over the course. 所有的馬都跑完了全程。