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  1. get over

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 越過


    • 1. 穿過 to get over the river/mountain 過河/翻過山 the wall is too high to get over 牆太高,翻不過去
    • 2. 從…中恢復過來/與…斷絕關係後恢復過來 to get over mumps/a cold 腮腺炎/感冒痊癒 she never really got over him 與他分手後,她從未真正恢復過來
    • 3. 講清楚 to get sth. over to sb. 向某人講清楚某事 he couldn't get his ideas over to his readers 他未能向讀者說清楚他的想法
    • 4. 使穿過 to get sth./sb. over sth. 使某人/某物穿過某物 we couldn't get the car over the river/the mountains/the border 我們沒法駕車過河/翻山/越過邊界
    • 5. 使某人克服某事物 to get sb. over sth. counselling got her over the trauma 心理諮詢撫平了她的精神創傷
    • 6. 讓…來 to get a plumber/doctor over 請來水暖工/醫生
    • 7. get these documents over to Wall Street 把這些文件送到華爾街