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  1. get round to

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    • 1. 抽出時間來做(或考慮) I hope to get round to answering your request next week. 我希望下星期能抽出空來答覆你的要求。
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    • be advantages to Ving 是嗎?(20點)

      ...bull;I'm not used to early starts. •I'll get round to doing it. •I'll get round to it. •I object to...

    • 請問literally dying to 是什麼意思?

      All round Europe illegal ..., literally, dying to get in. Europeans ...補充: 原文是“All round Europe immigrants..., literally, dying to get in.”甚至不認為他們是非法...

    • 克服困難的英文怎麼說 eliminate problems 克服: to overcome; to conquer; to surmount; to get over; to get (a)round; to smooth away; to tide over; to break through; to fetch through; to bridge over; to weather...