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    • 請翻譯下列英文諺語(英翻中)

      ...or one may end up "with one's back up against the wall"; worse yet, someone may "stab one in the back", but hopefully a friend "has got one's back" 一個人要自己照顧自己...

    • 問英文慣用片語~若你是曾住在國外且中英文都好的大大快救我

      ...重頭來過、重頭做起go against the grain 背道而馳,against the grain 違反本意、不情願get off (one's) back 不要再煩(某人);少囉唆feel up to 覺得可以做、覺得想做fall apart 分開、失敗fill (someone) in....  把(某人)放在...

    • 翻譯 有幾句不懂的英文

      ...只有一次沒有依照他處理的方式得到他想要的東西。 6. about what he's getting up to with someone in various closets and nooks around the castle. 關於...