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  1. get somewhere

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    • 1. 【口】(使某人)有進展 After six months' work on the project, at last I feel I'm getting somewhere. 那計劃我搞了半年, 終於覺得有所進展。 Are you getting anywhere with your investigations? 你的調查有進展嗎?
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    • get to/go to

      你好: get to (somewhere) 和 go to (somewhere) 的意思不同,要用哪一個,完全看你要表達那... can go to the night market! 我們可以去夜市! 4. We can get to the night market! 我們可以到達夜市。(如果有人問你:我們現在搭...

    • 給朋友的話 請幫我英翻中

      Sometimes we may think we get somewhere too late.. 常常我們會認為一切都太晚了... But it's not so late if one really...

    • 有人可以幫我正確翻譯這三段對話嗎? 都是關於職業英文的句子?

      ...have a corridor meeting when you re in a rush to get somewhere else or the person you re talking to is... with you.And you haven t got time for that! 有時候在你忙碌時,可能會對增加工作...