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  1. get sth. moving

    • ph.
      使某事大有進展; 推動某事物
    • 釋義


    • 1. 使某事大有進展; 推動某事物 A new director in this department will really get things moving. 此部門的新主任能把工作開展起來。
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      ...; it must be very hard for me to get the car engine_______ 譯: 正在下雪; 那我肯定很難... ---(v) 諂媚; 奉承 Ans: flutter : to move lightly and quickly; to make sth move in this way 關於更多flutter 的釋義參閱: http...

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      ...from your hand throught the air by moving your hand or arm quickly...throw搞混的 1. 解釋 : to fall or allow sth to fall by accident. (讓某物...掉下去) 2. 解釋 : to stop so that sb can get out of a car, etc. ; to deliver sth on...

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      ...請用 I’ve finished Sth. 例: I’ve finished...service. (已服完兵役) I’ve moved to Taipei since two ...left (過去完成)the station when we got (過去簡單)there. (這兩個動詞原則...