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  1. get sth. over to sb.

    • ph.
      向某人講清某事; 向某人表達某事
    • 釋義


    • 1. 向某人講清某事; 向某人表達某事 She didn't really get her meaning over to her audience. 她並未真正把意思向聽眾講清楚。
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      ...on weight增重 put it across/over sb.責備某人 put off拖延 put...take up攻讀、佔據空間 take sth up with sb.諮商 look after...輕視 look for尋找 look forward to盼望 look through識破 look up...before you leap三思而後行 get ahead進展、領先 get along...

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      ...仔細看(聽) (不尋常的事) ex: Get a load of that man dacing in...出處: 俚語辭典。 have the edge over 有著…的優勢 * edge (on / over sb/sth) : a light advantage over sb/ sth... seems to hit it off with Bob...

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      ...bring up sth. = 談到某事。 get it over with = 完全弄懂;全盤明白。 get it straight = 改邪歸正。 (from) hand to mouth = from mouth to mouth 廣泛流傳...出去。 save it skin = 逃脫。 take sb. in the dark about sth. = 某人不知道某些事情。 ...