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    • 請將下列的英文句子翻成中文, 還有一些文法問題

      ...了少數幾天待在一個小村莊中。 2. I got stuck in the middle of my biology report. How...2004奧林匹克的開幕應是極美並且動人的。 5. With e-mails and telephones, communication...

    • stick in mind用法及outback與van的用意

      ... song is sticking in my head, and I just can't get rid of it.) 還可以說 stick in his thoughts (例: That was the worst memory...

    • 有關stick的問題

      ...sticks in her belief. 過去分詞 stuck - 陷入,I am stuck in traffic. I was stuick with her. she got it stickin' in the camera 這意思是說他被塞進鏡頭中? I would think so...