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  1. get tensed up

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    • 1. 變得神經緊張 Players get very tensed up before a match. 運動員在比賽前都感到神經緊張。
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      ...and word usage. Remember consistency in tense. Recently, I always get up early... => Recently, I have...about that when I enjoy jogging. get up early interesting for me except...

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      ....2. speed up 加速Tom 加速趕工好及時完成報告。Present tense: Tom speeds up to get the report done in time.Past tense: Tom sped up to get the report...

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      ...型態,就是動詞會變化的不同型態 Simple tenses ; Present Simple 是最簡單的時態...or habits): E.g.1:We get up early every day. (你可以同時當它是重覆的動作或習慣...