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    get the led out
  1. get the lead out


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    • 求英文詞中譯

      let me get this straight. 讓我把這情形弄清楚, You led us out here,To the armpit of nowhere man 你帶我們到這鳥不生蛋的鬼地方, 老兄, In the hope...

    • 翻譯P&G的人才面試英文題目

      ...situation where you had to seek out relevant information, define key issue, and decide on which steps to take to get the desired results. 敘述...idea that you produced which led to a significant contribution to the success...

    • 請幫忙翻譯一下6/14號紐約洋基官網對王建民的報導(第二段)

      印地安人隊第一次的得分機會出現在第六局, 當Grady Sizemore再無人出局的情況下打了一支中間方向的二壘安打. Casey Blake打了一個外野飛球也順利的讓二壘的跑著進佔三壘. 他們故意保送了Hafner, 並讓Victor Martinze打...