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  1. get the worst of it


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    • because when you play with Mar

      because when you play with Mary you always get the worst of it. it指甚麼? it是指與Mary所play的事物,要從前文來得知是什麼事物...

    • 英文翻翻ㄈ翻翻翻翻翻翻翻翻翻翻翻翻

      ... a total gain for its shareholder of $24.1 billion. 在2012年,波克夏 net worth of $22.8 billion for the year. 我們用$130億美元購回本...last year , but let’s first get the bad news out of the way. 去年裡 有...

    • 配合題(要怎們配?!)

      ...junk food you eat, the worse your health gets. (你吃越多的垃圾... is not the youngest in... a list of the things...the best of its kind in the world...