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    get through

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 通過
    • 2. 辦完,結束
    • 3. 接通
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    • get through 的解釋

      get through 1.辦完 When you get through with your work, let's go out. 你完成工作後,我們出去吧。 2.通過考試 Tom got through. 湯姆考試及格了。 3.接通電話 I rang you several times but...


      ... for American firms to get through their business when they are using...2014-09-18 17:26:20 補充: In that case, they can get through the internal meeting or discussion faster if...

    • 請問幾個美國俚語的解釋

      get through to 這具需要前後文才能真正定義. 讓....瞭解 What can I do to get through to you. 我要如何做才能讓你瞭解. 通過到....地方, I need to get through...