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    get through to

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    • ph.
      所說的話使某人理解; 與某人溝通 I find her impossible to get through to. 我發覺無法跟她溝通思想。 Try to get through to him that he's wasting his life in that job. 設法讓他明白做那種工作是浪費生命。
    • ph.
      (指運動隊或隊員)進入下一階段比賽 Everton have got through to the final. 埃弗頓隊已進入決賽。
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    • 請問幾個美國俚語的解釋

      get through to 這具需要前後文才能真正定義. 讓....瞭解 What can I do to get through to you. 我要如何做才能讓你瞭解. 通過到....地方, I need to get through to the kitchen 我需要通過到廚房去. get with it (開始)著手去做 You should...


      ...for American firms to get through their business when they ...firm uses English to communicate with each other. 2014-09-18...補充: In that case, they can get through the internal meeting or discussion...

    • needed to 爲什麼可以這樣用???

      Taking a nap can give you the energy needed to get through the rest of the day. Taking a nap是動名詞片雨當主詞用 can give是助動詞...