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  1. get through to sb.

    • ph.
      所說的話使某人理解; 與某人溝通;到達(某人處)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 所說的話使某人理解; 與某人溝通 I find her impossible to get through to. 我發覺無法跟她溝通思想。 Try to get through to him that he's wasting his life in that job. 設法讓他明白做那種工作是浪費生命。
    • 2. 到達(某人處) Thousands of refugees will die if these supplies don't get through to them. 數以千計的難民若得不到這些救濟物品, (他們)就要死亡。
    • 3. (與某人)聯繫(尤指通電話) I tried ringing you several times yesterday but I couldn't get through to you. 昨天我給你打了幾次電話, 可是都沒(和你)接通。