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  1. get to

    • ph.
      (使)抵達; 把...送到;達到(某一階段或某一部份)
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    • 1. (使)抵達; 把...送到 When we got to the airport, the plane had already taken off. 我們到達機場時, 飛機已經起飛了。
    • 2. 達到(某一階段或某一部份)
    • 3. 【口】開始, 著手處理 He got to thinking that she wouldn't come after all. 他開始覺得她終究不會來了。 She gets to worrying over nothing at all. 她沒來由地擔心起來。
    • 4. 【口】被...理解 How are we going to get to the public without an advertising campaign? 我們不大做廣告將怎樣與公眾溝通呢? Your message is getting to me. 你的意思我漸漸明白了。
    • 5. 【口】對...產生影響; 【美】【俚】使擔心, 使沮喪 The beer had got to her head. 啤酒已經使她有了醉意。 The song got to me. 這首歌我聽了很感動。


    (使)抵達; 把...送到


    「(使)抵達; 把...送到」的反義字

    • ph.
      【主美】【口】了解某事物或某人的品行 He thought he could fool me but I got wise to him. 他以為他能騙得了我, 其實我知道他是怎麼回事。
    • ph.
      與...接觸 I'll get on to the manager. 我去跟經理接頭。
    • ph.
      找出時間或機會(再)去做 After a long delay, he got around to writing the letter. 他耽擱了很久之後才抽出時間寫這封信。
    • ph.
      【口】使某人惱怒或生氣; 影響某人 Her constant nagging is beginning to get to him. 她不停地嘮叨惹得他生起氣來。
    • ph.
      抽出時間來做(或考慮) I hope to get round to answering your request next week. 我希望下星期能抽出空來答覆你的要求。
    • ph.
      習慣於 The new student has got adapted to his school life. 這個新來的學生已經習慣了學校的生活。 He's got adapted to getting up early. 他習慣於早起。
    • ph.
      睡覺 Last night I got to sleep with difficulty. 昨晚我難以入睡。 I couldn't get to sleep last night. 昨晚我睡不著。
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    • vt.
      使厭煩 her constant chatter really gets to me 她不停地嘮叨,煩死我了
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