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    • get to someone 的用法跟例句

      get to someone 意思很多. 有正面如瞭解. 找到... you ever been used to get to someone else? What's the ...1. 依賴別人 2.meaning of 'to get to someone'問句 3.難倒我 4.問句 5. 情緒...

    • get to 和 go to 的差別?

      ...到達一個地點 造句 1)(使)到达(某地): What time does this train get to New York?這火車什麼時候到達紐約? 2)突然去(某地);被拿到...

    • 松澤由実 - You Get To Burning 中翻歌詞

      You Get To Burning 圖片參考:如果想要哭的時候 我會永遠永遠在身邊 YOU GET TO BURNING 君らしく 誇らしく 向かってよ 夢...