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  1. come (or get) to grips with

    • ph.
      engage in combat with
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    • ph.
      engage in combat with

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 英文高手 快速翻譯 急!!

      ...that the years between ages five and ten may be a period when the child gets to grips with exceptional and relatively infrequent constructions and constructions...

    • 誰能幫聽get it out of your head的歌詞

      ...incomplete, it's time to stand your own feet. and if you need someone to tell you you exist you need some help, get a grip with yourself, if you think that we care, get it out of your head. get it out...

    • get a grip可以翻意為幫幫忙吧?

      ... and behave more calmly 要好好地控制住自己的情绪,冷静下来。 而当 Get a grip "on something" 的时候 意思是指 to understand how to deal with something 掌握。 希望能帮到你。