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    I get to work at 9 o'clock every moring

    • ph.
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    • what you get to my head ~請求翻譯

      You don't have idea about what you get to my head whenever i want to read your email to listen...丈二金剛,不知道他在說什麽:“...what you get to my head...”是無法解釋的。 "get to"是...

    • get to 和 go to 的差別?

      ...到達紐約? 2)突然去(某地);被拿到,被带到: Where did he get to?I've been looking for him everywhere.他跑去哪裡了?我到處...

    • to I've指啥

      They haven't got anywhere to I’ve at the moment. They are...一事無成".get anywhere to:到達.....的境地get anywhere to I've: 到達(可以說)"我已完成"的境地...