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    get with it

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    • 請問幾個美國俚語的解釋

      ...通過到....地方, I need to get through to the kitchen 我需要通過到廚房去. get with it (開始)著手去做 You should get it. 妳應該著手去做了. give it a shot/whirl...

    • get it over with quick

      不要多說 盡快讓一切都過去吧 or 什麼都不要說趕快讓他結束吧

    • get around to與get away with的用法

      ...get away with cheating? 她是怎麼作弊成功的? Do you think you can get away with it? 你認為你能逃避責罰嗎? 2007-12-12 11:51:16 補充: I was so busy...