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  1. get up

    • ph.
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 起床 What time does he get up? 他幾點起床?
    • 2. 變得猛烈 The wind is getting up. 風越刮越大。
    • 3. 籌備 She is getting up a performance. 她正在籌備一場演出。
    • 4. 打扮; 裝飾 She was got up as an Indian princess. 把她打扮成了印度公主。 She got herself up in a new dress. 她穿上了新洋裝。



    • n.
    • 穿戴
    • 裝訂,打扮,精力


    • ph.
      安排或組織某事物 We're getting up a party for her birthday. 我們要給她開生日慶祝會。
    • ph.
      搞亂; 搞不清 Nancy has six children, and I always get mixed up on their names. 南希有六個小孩, 我總是搞不清他們的名字。
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    • ph.
      起床 What time does he get up? 他幾點起床?


    • ph.
      起床 What time does he get up? 他幾點起床?
    • vi.
      起床 I got up early 我很早就起了床
    • vt.
      爬上 the old car just got up the steep incline 那輛破舊的車剛剛爬上了陡坡
    • ph.


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