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    • 鬼,靈魂,幻影,一絲,一點鬼似地遊蕩
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    • ghost of one\'s past?

      ghost 原意是「鬼」,而 ghost of one's past 指的是「一個人最怕面對的過去的記憶或...回憶、很怕面對的意味。例如: I know it's not the GHOST of my past that really scared me the most...

    • Is ghost real?

      ... sometime you just have to believe it. Scientifically speaking, ghost is something like frequency, or magnetic field. Just like radio, if you tune...

    • 請問spirit和ghost的不同

      ...好的也有可能是不好的! 但通常那是一種精神上的,不太有實體的東西。 而ghost就是鬼~那是大家都怕的。