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  1. gift shop


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    • gift shop工作常用英文有哪些?

      gift shop 有很多種 你沒有說清楚是機場的還是賣場的 所以很難給你正確的英文... size would you like? I’m sure we do have something in our shop for your (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son...). Are you...

    • Exploring a vast , labyrinthin

      ...cultural education, but try telling that to your feet— even the gift shop seemed to go on forever. 請問這題的seemed 為什麼文法不對呢?要...

    • compound word

      ...shoe tennis ball _______ shop antique shop barber's shop (barber) beruty shop gift shop toy shop 以上是形容詞+shop 以下是動詞+shop close shop keep shop...