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  1. gift token


    • n.
      a voucher given as a present which is exchangeable for goods.
    • noun: gift token, plural noun: gift tokens

  2. 知識+

    • 請問Token是什麼意思阿

      ...king. 他的行動證明了他對國王的一片忠心。 I sent her a gift as a token of my congratulation. 我給她寄去一件禮物表示祝賀。 2. 紀念品 She...

    • a token of friendship是什麼意思??

      友情的信物(象徵) 例句: Please accept this small gift as a token of our friendship. 補充: 另外也可以把 friendship 改成 gratitude 意思是"以表謝忱" 希望有幫上忙^^

    • 有關中秋節的英文文章...月亮啊.長娥什麼都好

      ...8th lunar month, every shop introduce the various types of gifts box , the gift token one after another , solicit customers in the name of giving a present on...