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  1. gift wrap

    • IPA[ˈɡift ˌrap]


    • n.
      decorative paper for wrapping presents.
    • v.
      wrap (a present) in decorative paper;inadvertently allow someone to have (something)
    • verb: gift-wrap, 3rd person present: gift-wraps, gerund or present participle: gift-wrapping, past tense: gift-wrapped, past participle: gift-wrapped

    • noun: gift wrap, plural noun: gift wraps

    • 釋義


    • 1. decorative paper for wrapping presents.


    • 1. wrap (a present) in decorative paper the sales assistant gift-wrapped my purchases
    • inadvertently allow someone to have (something) he gift-wrapped the game with two fumbles on punt returns
  2. 知識+

    • 請問”禮品包裝”的英文怎麼寫?

      gift wrapping就是"禮物包裝"的意思 wrapping就是包裝的意思(動詞是wrap), 例如: wrapping paper(包裝紙) 2006-04-19 18:25:47 補充: 葉小妹回答的package應該是"包裹"的意思喔

    • 關於英文的問題1.Where are you off to?

      ...女孩。 athletic field運動場(漏打一個e) 4.Would you be nice enough to gift wrap it for me? (本句有誤) nice enough to是人很好,好到足夠幫忙去做~~事...

    • Cello Treat Bags 等英文的中文意思?

      ...禮物塑膠袋或包裝紙吧 (3) Foil 是錫箔紙或銀色反光的箔紙 Foil Gift Wrap 就是錫箔或銀色反光的禮物包裝紙