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  1. ginger up

    • ph.
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    • 1. 使某人/某物有活力(或活躍、有生氣等) Some dancing would ginger up the party. 跳跳舞就可以使聚會活躍起來。 The Prime Minister appointed some new ministers to ginger up her administration. 首相任命一些新大臣以增強她現屆政府的活力。
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    • vt.
      使…有精神; 使…有生氣
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      ...滾後,將蔥.薑.桂皮.五香.八角.米酒.黃牛肉一同煮 約兩小時 1/ Boil up the water then add spring onion, ginger, cinnamon, *Five Species, Japanese star anise, rice wine and beef...