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  1. girl crush

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 女孩之間的惺惺相惜 She admitted to me that she had a girl crush on me since high school. 她承認她自高中時代起就對我惺惺相惜。
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    • 英文片語造句~~急~~~拜託拜託!!感恩啊~

      ... that she has a nasty nature, I decided to look for another girl. - had a crush 就是臺灣人說的 "煞到" 4. The tall caucasian stands out...

    • 台水英文求詳解

      ...(there 為虛主詞,there is=exist 有...) 27. Sam had a crush on a girl ________. 1.he met on the train Sam had a crush on the girl ( who) he...

    • Selena Gomez----Crush 中英歌詞對照

      ...四起 It was just a crush It was just a crush Yeah 只是一種迷戀 只是一種迷戀 耶 You'll be fine, Just find another girl To kick around Won't be long Until they...