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  1. give

    • IPA[gɪv]



    • vt.
    • vi.
      捐贈;彎曲; 伸展
    • n.
      彈性; 彎曲性
    • 過去式:gave 過去分詞:given 現在分詞:giving

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. to give sth. to sb. 把某物交給某人 give me that knife, please 請把那把刀遞給我
    • 2. 贈給 to give a present to sb. 把禮物贈送給某人 to give sth. for ... 贈送某物以慶祝
    • 3. 送給 to give property/land to sb. 把財產/土地送給某人 I gave him my heart 我把心都交給他了
    • 4. 捐贈; 無償提供 to give blood 獻血 to give sth. to sth./sb. 把某物捐給某機構/某人
    • 5. 提供 to give food/drink/clothes/accommodation to sb. 向某人提供食物/飲料/衣服/住宿 to give the plants some water 給花木澆點水
    • 6. 分給 to give work/a task to sb. 分配工作/任務給某人 I gave him his fair share 我把他應得的那份給他了
    • 7. 支付 to give sth. to sb. 付給某人某物 to give sb. a pay rise/a discount 給某人加薪/打折
    • 8. 拿…作交換 he gave her a book in exchange for the record 他給了她一本書來交換這張唱片 to give anything for sth. 渴望得到某物
    • 9. 提供 to give sb. a new heart/liver 為某人植入新的心臟/肝臟 to give sb. a pacemaker/an artificial leg 為某人安裝心臟起搏器/假腿
    • 10. 給予; 給某人塗抹; 對某人進行; 給某人做 to give sth. to sb. 給某人服用 she gave me an injection 她給我打了一針
    • 11. 產生; 得出 cows give milk 奶牛產奶 the herd gives a high yield 牧群產量很高
    • 12. 同意把…嫁出 he gave me his daughter/his daughter's hand in marriage 他把女兒嫁給我了
    • 13. 介紹 I give you the next President 讓我為你們介紹下任總統 I give you the bride and groom 我提議諸位為新娘新郎乾杯
    • 14. 獻出; 犧牲 to give thought/energy/time to sb./sth. 把心思/精力/時間用於某人/某事物 to give sth. all or everything one's got 盡全力做某事
    • 15. 留出 give me five minutes 等我5分鐘 give yourself time to think about it 你抽空想想這件事
    • 16. 估計出 how long do you give the new manager? 你覺得新經理能幹多長時間? the doctor gave her six months to live 醫生說她還能活6個月
    • 17. she could give her opponent five years 她可以讓對手5歲 he was giving his opponent ten kilos 他與比他重10公斤的對手比賽
    • 18. 頒發; 加封; 給出; 給予; 判處 she was given the freedom of the city 她獲授該市榮譽市民 I gave my poem the title ‘Hope’ 我把詩的題目定為“希望”
    • 19. 施行 to give sth. to sb./sth. 施加某物於某人/某物 give your hands a (good) wash 去(好好)洗洗手
    • 20. 做出…的動作; 做出…的表情 she gave a bow and left the stage 她鞠了躬,離開了舞臺 he gave a start as the door slammed 門砰地一響把他嚇了一跳
    • 21. 發出…的聲音 she gave a short laugh 她淺笑了一聲 the duck gave a quack 鴨子呷地叫了一聲
    • 22. 給出; 發出; 作出; 奏出 I gave evidence at her trial 我在她出庭受審時作證了 she gave me her opinion that ... 她給我的意見是…
    • 23. 判罰 the umpire gave the batsman out 裁判把擊球手罰出場 to give the ball in 判界內球
    • 24. 表示 the number was given to seven decimal places 該數字精確到小數點後7位 give the answer in metric units 答案用公制單位表示
    • 25. 舉行; 舉辦 to give a lecture/speech 做講座/演講 she gave a magnificent performance as Lady Macbeth 她演麥克白夫人演得太好了
    • 26. 引發 to give sb. vertigo/asthma 引起某人眩暈/哮喘發作 to give sb. trouble 給某人帶來麻煩
    • 27. 傳染 to give sth. to sb. 把…傳染給某人
    • 28. 在意 I don't give a damn or a hang or tuppence 我才不在乎呢 they didn't give two hoots about us 他們根本沒把我們放在心上


    • 1. 捐贈 to give to sb./sth. 向某人/某機構捐贈 to give of one's best 盡全力
    • 2. 彎曲; 伸展 to give under or beneath sth./sb. 在某物/某人的重壓下變形
    • 3. 垮塌; 支撐不住; 崩斷 to give under or beneath sth./sb. 在某物/某人的重壓下支撐不住
    • 4. 讓步 something has to give 總要有所捨棄 to give and take 互相遷就
    • 5. 認輸
    • 6. 發生 what gives? 有甚麼事嗎?


    • 1. 彈性; 彎曲性 this surface has more give 這個表面的彈力更大


    1. freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)

    2. used hyperbolically to express how greatly one wants to have or do something

    3. commit or entrust

    4. freely set aside or devote for a purpose

    5. cause or allow (someone or something) to have or experience (something); provide with

    6. provide (love or other emotional support) to

    7. pass (a message) to (someone)

    8. carry out or perform (a specified action)

    9. produce (a sound)

    10. present (an appearance or impression)

    11. provide (a party or social meal) as host or hostess

    12. yield as a product or result

    13. sentence (someone) to (a specified penalty)

    14. adjudicate that (a goal) has been legitimately scored

    15. say to (someone) as an excuse or inappropriate answer

    16. alter in shape under pressure rather than resist or break


    「1. freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)」的反義字

    「2. freely set aside or devote for a purpose」的反義字

    「3. provide (love or other emotional support) to」的反義字