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  1. not give (or care) a monkey's

    • ph.
      be completely indifferent or unconcerned
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    • The Monkey & The Crocodile

      ...but he was happy and content. The jamun tree gave him plenty of sweet fruit to eat, and shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. One day a crocodile came swimming up the river and...

    • circus monkey歌詞意義??[英文翻譯訂正]

      like a rented mule 像隻分裂的騾子 Don't give it shit about me 你別讓我挫屎(遇到很衰的事情之類的) I'm not you're circus monkey 我不是你馬戲團裡的猴 I got to get myself out...

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      ...into Bob’s old friend by bus he said something like “ hello “, and gave a priority seat to an elder woman in the MRT.Finally, Bob ...