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    • Discharge in active vs passive voice?

      ...usually in passive voice - somebody/something "discharge" somebody (from something) (~hospital/prison/court/*job related terms*) - to give somebody official permission to leave a place or job; [from Oxford dictionary] The MAIN difference between...

    • Taliban Fighter-John Walker

      ...我不要想到那裡去. (3)But go there they will, when they unscramble the tale of a Taliban fighter a long way from home. 當他們對一個離家遙遠的塔利班戰士...

    • 請高手幫忙翻譯一下唄...= =”

      ...public affairs of the country as a legal basis for their conduct called on China to give "proper weight to the rights...visit to the notorious Drachpi prison in Lhasa, the capital of ...