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  1. give away

    • vt.
      捐獻; 贈送; 把…送人;免費送出
    • 釋義


    • 1. 捐獻; 贈送; 把…送人
    • 2. 免費送出
    • 3. 頒發
    • 4. 喪失; 輕易輸掉 we don't want to give the contract away to our competitors 我們不想把合同拱手讓給競爭對手
    • 5. 洩露; 暴露 give nothing away to the press 不要對新聞界透露任何消息 to give the game or show away 露餡
    • 6. 有…的劣勢 she is giving six years away to her opponent 和對手相比,她有6歲的劣勢
    • 7. 把…交給新郎
    • 8. 供出; 舉報; 暴露
  2. 知識+

    • give away...和give... away的差別

      ...the object (受詞) is. If it is a long one, then you use "give away" to make it easy to read. Otherwise, you can place the object between "...

    • 英文to be giving away

      The farmer thought himself to be too poor to be giving away his pears. : 太...以至於不能.... to give away是不定詞...

    • should give me away 的意思

      should give me away 或許會讓我露出馬腳; 應會讓我露餡 這裡的should+VR表推測現在或未來...提出依據或出處: give sb away phrasal berb (SHOW) to show someone's secret ...